Your Skin though Iridology

The skin is the largest organ in or shall I say on the body.  It’s responsible to so many things, but one of its function is to eliminate toxins where the kidney, lungs and the liver have struggled to do so.   So the problem is inside the body in a large proportion of skin diseases.

Certain skin conditions are caused by hormonal imbalances such as acne – the problem again is inside the body.  If the imbalances, inflammation and toxin overload within the body is not resolved the skin condition will re-present.

In Natural Dermatology with Iridology we look at:

The skin condition and the inflammatory pathways associated with that pathway.  For instance in the case of psoriasis we know that it is an autoimmune disregulation and it involves a section of the immune system call TNFalfa5. We also know that there is a correlation between excess consumption of sugar in psoriasis.  Smoking, alcohol and stress also a major triggers.

Our skin: a beautiful organ that needs feeding from the inside and the outside

Our skin: a beautiful organ that needs feeding from the inside and the outside

Therefore by using plant medicine that has shown in research to have a positive effect on TNFalfa5 and to aid the liver, lymphatic and the digestive tract along with lifestyle adjustment, the presence of the psoriasis lesions in most cases can be lessened. Iridology helps us identify the key areas of the body that are in need of herbal assistance along with vitamins and supplements.

The conditions mostly seen in the clinic are acne and adult acne, rosacea ( very common in Ireland), Seb Dermatitis, Eczema, psoriasis and contact dermatitis.

If you would like to discuss your skin condition with Sabina Jennings please call 023 88 42873

Sabina Jennings BSc, Dip Derm AID, Dip LSI, MNGI –  is a Medical Herbalist, Iridologist and has a diploma in Dermatology.

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