What type of Iris: Blue Eyes

blue iris

There are three basic constitutional types – from these come sub – types :

The first type is Lymphatic with the sub types:  The sub types according to Iridologist John Andrews are as follows – Pure lymphatic, Neurogenic robust, Neurogenic Sensitive, Polyglandular, Lipemic Diathesis, Tubercular, Psoric, Anaemic, Hyperacidic (previously known as Uric Acid Diathesis), Hydrogenoid, Allergic Diathesis, Rheumatic, Carbio Nitrogenoid , Oxygenoid, Mesenchymal Weakness ( previously known as Connective Tissue Weakness), Cardio Renal, Cardio Abdominal Syndrome.


Blue Eyes:Blue iris with over layer giving a slightly grey tinge to the iris

General overview:

*   Usually northern hemisphere, although, with immigration, strongly prevalent in countries such as Ireland and  Australia.

*   Usually blonde haired, with fair skin – Type 1- 2 celtic skin.

*   Can suffer from allergies, and in childhood – ear, nose and throat conditions .

*   Predisposition to hyper – acidity at cellular level resulting in later life in inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

*   Predisposition to upper respiratory tract mucous membrane weakness  – asthma, bronchitis and sinusitis.

*   Lymphatic system disturbances.


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