What type of Iris: Mixed Iris

The second type is Mixed Iris type with the sub- types: Oxygenoid, Anxiety titanic (Larvate titanic), Polyglandular, Ferrum Chromatosis, Mesenchymal Weakness, Lipemic diathesis, Dyscratic, Cardio-renal Syndrome, Cardio Abdominal Syndrome, Hydrogenoid, Hyperacid, Immuno-pathological, Sycotic, Carbo-nitrogenoid, Psoric, Allergic diathesis.


Mixed Iris Overview:   Remember this is an indication of potentials – not what will hamixed irisppen

 *   A tendency to gallbladder and liver concerns.

*   Blood sugar imbalances.

*   Changeable bowel movements.

*   Circulation weaknesses.

*   Tendencies to intestinal immune and flora deficiency – dysbiosis

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